Is Mac Good for Gaming?

Is Mac Good for Gaming: It’s interesting how both fans and haters of Apple products generally tend to agree that these products have both a great build quality and excellent software, but that they cost a ton of money.

The thing that distinguishes the fans from the haters is mostly the degree to which they think these products are overpriced and whether they’re willing to cough up the money for them. of course this is just a generalization.

In this article “Is Mac Good for Gaming“, we will show you the comparing between iphones and androids point by point that we take references from GamingScan.

Read this article until end if you want to know our detailed opinion on is mac good for gaming, but the generalization still holds water.

Apple products are great but not everyone uses them because they’re expensive.

So how is it then that Mac’s are unanimously considered a laughingstock in the gaming community. Are they really bad for gaming or are they just cool to hate?

To answer this we’re going to have to take a couple of things into consideration.

So we thought any further we do.

We’ll start by giving an overview of different types of Mac’s that are available. we can divide them into two categories :

The Mac books which are laptop Mac’s, and
The regular desktop Macs.

Additionally there are three types of Mac books :

The traditional Mac Book,
The more affordable MacBook Air, and
The MacBook Pro which is pretty self-explanatory.

Desktop max on the other hand come in a form of the Mac and the IMAP.

The standard Mac is essentially just a computer case packed with all the necessary goodies. you buy it you’re connected to an external display and you’re good to go.

Now in the case of IMAX the monitor is the device and all the components are fit into the monitors body. you can think of it like a really jacked out iPhone or just a computer case that somehow doubles as a display.

There are other subcategories as well like iMac pros, Mac Pro’s, Mac minis. but these are all beside the point.

So let’s instead look at the hardware.


is mac good for gaming 2019 2020

Ask any Android user why they prefer to the iPhone and chances are they’ll bring up the iPhone subpar hardware.

To which the iPhone user will say yes but the software is so good it more than makes up for it and we’re inclined to agree with us when it comes to smartphones. but gaming is a whole different story.

It’s extremely Hardware focused and more specifically its graphics card focused.

If you want to see a chart with all the hardware specifications for all the Mac models you can check it out in this link.

But overall things are not looking good if you’re a gamer.

The processors are pretty good, except in the case of mac books where only the MacBook Pro has a quad-core processor.

The displays are amazing with all models except the MacBook Air relying on the retina technology and packing. resolutions higher than 1080p RAM. And storage options are also good in the case of mac books and even better when it comes to the desktop versions.

But  we cannot over stress this enough the graphics are horrendous. In layman’s terms they suck the majority of the models rely on underpowered integrated intel graphics cards.

Having integrated graphics for gaming is an ideal even with the best ap use and these are far from the best.

The IMAX actually do have dedicated graphics cards.

How Apple is managed to fit them and still make the monitors so slim is nothing short of incredible, but it still isn’t an ideal solution either.

Many IMAX have large displays with even larger resolutions.

So say you have an iMac with a 27 inch display and a Radeon Pro 570 with 4 gigabytes of vram. You don’t have to run games in the monitors 4k resolution, nor could you.

But then again 27 inches is too large for 1080p gaming and the graphics card just isn’t powerful enough to handle 2k. This is a very serious first world problem.

The mac pro is actually a pretty powerful machine as far as the hardware is concerned. But it’s still at least a good 500 dollars more expensive than a PC that will perform just as good for gaming.

You can compare the specs in the prices;

The bottom line is Apple simply doesn’t equip their computers with the hardware necessary gaming.

This is bad in and of itself. but the whole situation is made even worse by the fact that Mac OS also isn’t a popular operating system when it comes to games.

For example there are only a paltry 7,000 Mac games available on the steam store while there are over 20,000 games for Windows.

So even if you had the Mac Pro you still wouldn’t be able to run some games.


CONCLUSION – Is Mac Good for Gaming?

In conclusion our Mac’s good for gaming we’re going to have to go with a big resounding. no on this one. The hardware is underpowered, the software is counter-intuitive.

And even in the best case scenario you’re still getting a way worse deal than you would be if you bought a PC that performs the same.

Now to make things clearer we aren’t saying that Mac is bad. Overall it’s an excellent product for what it was designed to do. But gaming just wasn’t on the agenda.

In some ways it’s not even fair to judge the Mac on how well it performs in games, it’s just like Einstein said don’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree.

But then again it’s still worth pointing out that this particular fish isn’t running any triple-a titles either.

And that about does it for this article “Is Mac Good for Gaming”. We hope you’ve enjoyed.

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