How to Play Windows Games on a Mac OS

When it comes to video games Mac owners get the blunt end of the stick, but fear not I have a solution that’ll solve all your problems. today we’re gonna look at how to play Windows games on Mac OS. let’s get started.

First you’re gonna want to open up your internet browser and go to and underneath quick download just click the dmg file that’s listed there.

Then you’re gonna want to go to and navigate towards the download button on the right side of the website.

Eventually you will see a Mac OS link. now you want to go ahead and click that and then follow the instructions on how to install wine HQ packages.

If you’re having trouble in installing wine HQ packages, sometimes the developer in the staging one might fix your solution, even though they’re a bit buggier than the stable.

Then what you’re gonna want to do is open and install exports first. it’s a pretty simple process all you have to do is hit continue continue continue install and then type your password in.

You may have to restart your computer after installation.

Now once that’s done you’re gonna want to install wine as well and you want to make sure that the 64-bit support option is clicked. Because a lot of games and apps nowadays require 64-bit support.

After that, you’re gonna want to find your Exe file. in this case we’re gonna install steam. So I navigated to steam powered comm and I downloaded the Windows Steam client.

Alright, once you have those two things installed, you’re gonna want to open wine and just ignore the is the wine is not optimized for your Mac it doesn’t open the first time. just be patient.

Here is what wine looks like. it’s pretty simple. From here we will start in how to play windows games on a mac.

how to play windows games on a mac pro download

Looking honestly to start any program you simply type wine. And in this case I’m going to drag the file over to the terminal window and hit enter.

That’ll create the path automatically for me so I don’t have to do it myself. And if this wine mono installer ever pops up gecko installer or whatever it’s called just hit cancel. it’s not important.

Then now you can see that steams got an update of course. So we’re gonna wait to download.

And this image look pretty familiar for anybody who’s logged into steam before.

how to play windows games on a mac OS in Steam

All you got to do is simply, type in your account name and password and hit sign in. and once that’s done you may be wondering where the heck is steam.

If you look in the upper right hand corner you can see a little tiny steam icon. You need to do is right-click that icon and then go down till your library.

There you can see all of the games available for you to install.

For this tutorial, we gonna just install armymen RTS for example.

classic games for mac RTS

Here you can see that it runs just fine and you know I can go to the main menu, I can go to the options menu, I can click around and do things and it works completely 100%.

Now obviously this is only meant for certain games to run, it’s not gonna run the latest and greatest like Far Cry 5 or Grand Theft Auto 5.

I mean you can sure try to install it but your options are pretty limited when it comes to the software it’s just gonna install your basic Steam applications.

It’s really good for indie games and not so good for Triple a games (I would say). but like I said you can mess around with it your luck may vary.

So let’s say you’re done playing and you quit steam.

how to play windows games on a macbook pro games free download

Where the heck did everything install?

In order to find those files again simply need to go up to the menu and then click home. it actually installs to a hidden folder.

To show hidden files you need to hit command shift period and that’ll show the files and then you can see, there is a dot wine file and that is where all of your windows software is going to be installed.

If you ever want to reopen something you’ve already installed and find the path file to it, you can do so.

how to play windows games on a mac os games download

In this folder type in wine, drag it over and hit enter.

In this case I found steam exe, so I’m gonna open up wine again drag it in and hit enter. You will see it boots up no problem.

If you’re having any difficulty and you need to configure some programs I need to do is simply type in wine CFG and hit enter.

And here’s where you can tell wine to run certain applications in different versions of Windows, and mess around with the audio and the video.

how to play windows games on a mac and pc games

So if you having any trouble getting the game or an application to run, simply type wine config and configure a custom profile for the game that you are having troubles with.

Just kind of mess around with these settings. It takes a lot of trial and error to get some of these programs to run because some of them are so old, that you know it only runs on Windows XP for example and some require like I said a 64-bit version of Windows to run as well.

I’m also going to mention for whatever reason you can download games from Steam but I was unable to access this steam store while the Windows version of Steam was open, which is really weird I don’t really know if the great fix for that.

But basically all you got to do is go into steam powered comm buy the game there and then it’ll show up in your library and you can download it from there.

Unfortunately you can’t browse the store for whatever reason in mind it’s really weird and if you’re having any sort of problems you can always check out the wine forums. There’s a lot of tutorials and helpful people there.

You can ask questions of and you can also leave your questions and comments down below and help each other out.

Okay, that’s all we talk about How to Play Windows Games on a Mac OS. You could share it with your friends who may find this tutorial useful.



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