Computer Hard Drive Failure; How to Identify and Repair it.

Has your hard drive stopped working? There are different types of computer hard drive failure and they require different solutions.

In this article, VRMAGS will talk about how to fix hard disk failure with your home convenience.

hard drive problems and solutions

Firstly you want to check if your hard drive is making an unusual sound. If it’s making a clicking sound, grinding sound or any very unusual sound, make sure to turn it off right now.

Leaving a hard shift clicking for an extensive period of time can cause platted damage. therefore cause a permanent data loss. It’s also why do external hard drives fail (hard drive failure causes).

So you want to make sure to keep it off and don’t turn it on again.

If your data isn’t vital to you there’s a couple tricks to treat a clicking hard drive.

Also this article is geared towards hard drives if you have a solid-state drive or USB drive there’s not much you can do at home. So we do recommend you to send into a professional data recovery services.

Hard Drive Failure Recovery – STEP ONE :

the first thing you want to do is to check if the hard drive actually powers on. check for signs like vibration or motor sound that would indicate the hard drive is actually spinning.


A quiet ticking sound is a clear indication of a hard drive power failure.

If you don’t hear any sounds coming out of your Harder most likely it is a circuit board failure and can be fixed by simply replacing it with a matching one and possibly reprogramming it.

You can check on Google or any links about how to replace the circuit board, reprogram it and adapt it.

A very common symptom of what hard disk drive failure is when the hardware spins up and spins right down. Keep in mind if it is accompanied by a clicking sound you’re most likely looking at an internal failure.

A repetitive buzzing sound is a sign of a cyst bindle or a motor failure. This is an internal computer hard drive failure and you want to send it to a data recovery professional.

STEP TWO; How to Fix Hard Disk Failure

If the hard drive did spin up, go into BIOS.

hard drive failure fix

If your hard drive does spin up and stay spinning then you might use a Windows PC. Go to BIOS settings and check how hard drive is recognized and if it’s recognized properly.

You can get into BIOS by pressing f12 delete key or f2 which is common for Dell computers. The key to enter BIOS will vary, but Del, F2, or F12 are common. check your computer’s manual.

in a BIOS look for your hard drive if it doesn’t shows up with wrong information for instance wrong model number or capacity it could be a connection issue between the hard drive and the motherboard.

Check your data cable and make sure it isn’t creased or doesn’t. Make sure it isn’t creased or doesn’t have any bent pins.

If it looks damaged you might need to just replace the cable there are a variety of cables, so check with your harddrive manufacturer to see what they recommend.

If the cable seems fine but your hard drive is still not recognized properly and stay spinning and doesn’t click then most likely this is a firmer failure. we would recommend sending it to a service provider such as

STEP THREE: Hard Drive Failure Fix

If your hard drive is recognized, can you access your files?

If your hard drive is recognized but you can’t seem to access some of your files or folders or maybe an entire partition it could be a logical failure caused by either molar or file system corruption.

There are many programs available online for download free ones and paid ones such programs should be able to extract and recover your data fairly easily.

It could also be a case of degraded surface or otherwise known as HD bad sectors. bad sector check and repair was variety and severity. Also often require professional help.

If your system does boot up and recognize the hard drive properly and you suspect that it might have bad sectors or logical issues there is a Windows built in utility called check disk go to your computer.

Right click on your disk drive and click properties under the tools tab click check now check both boxes and schedule and check for your next reboot.

Keep in mind this can take a while to run depending on how many files you have.

If you are still unsure about your computer hard drive failure there’s a really good program that you can use and try and diagnose what’s wrong with it, it’s called HDD scan. Hard drive manufactures often also offer their own software.

Keep in mind many hard just have multiple failures and fixing one isn’t enough if your data is really important we recommend you to contact a professional data recovery service.

There are many unusual do-it-yourself tricks available online we don’t necessarily recommend any of them. But something that you will hear a lot about is a so called freezer trick (hard drive clicking noise freezer).

It usually does not work but if your data isn’t especially valuable to you then you can try this free at-home strategy to try and fix the click and track.

hard drive clicking noise freezer

Keep in Mind, the “freezer trick hard drive” usually doesn’t work, so only try it if your data is not important.

First gently use an eraser like this one on the PCBs contacts, to rule out any possibility of a bad connection between the head disk assembly and the circuit board.

Put your harddrive in the freezer in a ziploc bag for about five minutes.

Freezer Trick Hard Drive HD Note 4

Remove the hard drive from the freezer, plug it in and get ready to copy the most critical data. Again, freezer trick HD usually doesn’t work but even if it does you only have a few minutes to copy your vital information before it does fail again.

So this covers most of “How to Fix computer hard drive failure” and some of the things you can try on your own. reference

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